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Express boats plying Sibu-Belaga despite prolonged drought

KAPIT: It is generally believed that when there is a prolonged drought at the upper regions of the Rajang River and the water level drops, the express boat service between Kapit and Belaga would come to a halt and remain so for several months.

This time around though, the express boat service continues as usual all the way from Sibu to Belaga.

When The Borneo Post checked with an enforcement officer from Sarawak Rivers Board stationed here, identified only as Jimmy yesterday, he confirmed that the express boats were operating as usual between Kapit and Belaga.

“The express boat service between Kapit and Belaga resumed on June 19. In fact, today (yesterday) a boat left from Sibu at 5.30am, arriving here to pick up passengers, departed for Belaga at 9.30am and is expected to arrive around 3pm. There is daily ply of services from Sibu/Kapit/Belaga and vice versa,” he said.

There are also express boat services to Nanga Merit as well as Punan Bah from Kapit.

Last week, there were no express boats plying their services because of the blasting work at Pelagus Rapids to create a navigable waterway for boats to pass through during all seasons. The RM10 million-contract is expected to be completed in the next few months.

However, Jimmy revealed that the express boat service between Kapit/Putai was interrupted since last week due to the dangerous low water at Karangan Ara near to SMK Baleh, Nanga Seranggil and Nanga Semawang along the Baleh River.

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