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Kuching Selatan

Latest News for Kuching Selatan in "General"

Cabaran berpuasa di laut

KUCHING 15 Ogos - Pening, mual dan loya. Rasa hendak muntah namun tiada apa dapat dikeluarkan lantaran perut kosong.

Misi dakwah, kemanusiaan

SAMARAHAN 1 Ogos - Mereka kini berada di tanah air bagi menghabiskan cuti musim panas di Ireland.

Enam beranak tinggal di stor

KUCHING 31 Julai - Kedaifan hidup memaksa seorang saudara baru bersama keluarganya tinggal dalam sebuah stor yang sempit di samping tiada kemudahan asas seperti elektrik dan air di tebing Sungai Maong di sini.

Metal drain cover in dire need of repair

KUCHING: Walking on the pavement near SMK St Teresa here can be dangerous as one could step into a gaping hole, the result of a rusty metal drain cover.

Concerned parent Feizal K Avarathar voiced to The Borneo Post his fear for the safety of pedestrians, particularly students, waiting to be picked up by their parents in that area.


Six arrested for stealing goods worth RM30,000 from supermarket

KUCHING: Two security guards and four workers were arrested on Monday for stealing some RM30,000 worth of items over the past two months from a supermarket here.

Police picked up the six men, aged between 18 and 36, following a complaint lodged by the management of the supermarket located at Mile 6 Penrissen Road.


Man sustains broken arm, leg after hit-and-run

KUCHING: A Customs Department personnel was left with a broken arm and leg following a hit-and-run collision at a traffic light intersection at Jalan Lapangan Terbang early yesterday.

The 21-year-old was on his way to his house in Demak Laut after work when the accident happened around 1am



People’s interests a priority, says Fatimah

KUCHING: The needs and aspirations of the people must be taken into account when there is a need to restructure a social model or amend policies.

With the 1Malaysia concept in mind, the main focus is to ensure that the people’s interests are put first regardless of race, gender and religious backgrounds.


‘Effective and efficient management key to success’

KUCHING: Effective and efficient management is the key that determines a successful business unit and not its size.

Minister of Welfare, Women and Family Development Datuk Fatimah Abdullah yesterday said that it was possible for smaller companies running on an effective and efficient management system to be more successful than bigger companies


Lion’s share of election budget

KUCHING: The Election Commission (EC) has set aside RM78 million for the state for the 13th general election, the biggest allocation among all the states.

In revealing this yesterday, deputy chairman Datuk Wira Wan Ahmad Wan Omar said this was despite the fact that other states in the country would have to conduct their respective state elections concurrently with the parliamentary election.


New guidelines for internal auditors in the works

KUCHING: A revised set of guidelines in the preparation of internal reports for directors of public-listed companies will be available by year end.

Institute of Internal Auditors Malaysia (IIA) president Datin Josephine Low told a press conference here this yesterday following the launch of the ‘3rd East Malaysia Conference on Internal Auditing – Navigating in the Era of Governance’ by Second Finance Minister Dato Sri Wong Soon Koh.