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Kuching Selatan

BN is your friend, Dr Sim tells villagers

KUCHING: The Barisan Nasional government may not be able to meet everyone’s expectations but it will always be ‘friends’ of the people and will always strive to keep all its promises.

SUPP secretary-general Prof Dr Sim Kui Hian, who stated this, said the BN had always been on working mode, unlike the opposition which only appeared during election time.

Speaking at a Gawai gathering themed ‘One Heart, One Malaysia’ at Sungai Apong Baru Community Hall here on Saturday, Dr Sim thus called on the people to support Tan Kai, who has been nominated by SUPP to stand in Bandar Kuching, in the coming general election.

“We are nothing like some quarters which come to you only during election time. They claim to serve the people, but action wise they talk and talk only.

“But Barisan Nasional can guarantee to always be your friends. In Bandar Kuching, for instance, you have a local candidate councillor Tan Kai whom you can see everywhere in Pending.”

Dr Sim stressed that everyone ought to realise that nothing could be achieved overnight, but the BN government would continue to work hard to meet the people’s needs.

On Kampung Sungai Apong, he opined that it could be considered a role model for the 1Malaysia concept.

“It (kampung) is a reflection of the success of Barisan Nasional in the context of 1Malaysia. Many non-Chinese children here speak Mandarin and they mingle with the Chinese and Malay communities.

“If people want to see 1Malaysia, they should come to Kampung Sungai Apong where its residents uphold the spirit of co-operation to make things happen.”

Citing its community hall as an example, Dr Sim said it was built through the concerted efforts of the residents with funds from the government.

“Such gotong royong spirit and culture must be passed on to the future generations. It would be a great loss to the community if no efforts were initiated to preserve this culture.

“You can even record and upload videos on it to YouTube. By so doing, your future generations will be able to see some cultural clips.”

Earlier, state Special Affairs Department (Jasa) officer Lai Huat Choi cautioned residents in Kampung Sungai Apong Baru against being swindled by the opposition during the 13th general election.

“Election is around the corner and we can see that the opposition has started spreading negative comments against the Barisan Nasional government.

“However, we shall focus on what the Barisan Nasional government has done and help SUPP take on the opposition in the coming polls.”

He added that Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak “is the best prime minister” who had launched several transformation schemes as well as reaching out to needy households.

“Have you all not received the RM500 from BRIM, which is Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia? The Barisan Nasional government cares for the people. Ditch the opposition and vote for BN.”

Chief of Kampung Sungai Apong Baru, Jeffery Kemping, thanked Jasa for providing hampers for the event which included kumang Iban and Bidayuh contests and karaoke.

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