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Kuching Selatan

More Malaysians used as drug mules

KUCHING: More Malaysian citizens are being used by international drug syndicates as drug mules following a change in their modus operandi, said Customs director-general Datuk Seri Mohamed Khalid Yusuf.

According to him, in 2009 many drug trafficking cases involved nationals from the Indian subcontinent while in 2010 many were Iranians.

“However, in 2011, there were a number of cases that involved Malaysians,” he added.

On their role, Khalid stressed that his department had always been serious in combating drug trafficking.

“We have detected all kinds of modus operandi and in the first quarter of this year alone, we detected 34 drug trafficking cases involving RM42.72 million.

“The state Customs managed to seize 3,500 Eramin 5 pills at Tebedu on March 19,” he said.

Khalid was speaking to reporters after chairing the 68th Customs Directors’ Meet at a leading hotel here yesterday.

Saying that Customs did not want the syndicates to make use of our youths and bring
them down the road of self-destruction, he pointed out that the department used many equipment and methods to curb drug trafficking.

“We have X-Ray machines to scan baggage, cameras to detect anomalies on bodies, sniffer dogs to detect drugs and more.

“We also have incognito personnel mingling in the crowd, among others,” he said.

Khalid noted that it would be impossible to scan every passenger as that would cause massive congestion, saying the department instead employed a risk management method.

“We only target specific passengers based on their travel documents and routes.

“Through regional cooperation with other Customs, we are able to exchange information effectively and detect cases fast,” he said.