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Kuching Selatan

Time to recognise Unified Examination Certificate, govt told

KUCHING: SUPP hopes the government’s recent recognition of 146 Chinese universities would lead it to recognise the Unified Examination Certificate (UEC) in the near future.

Its deputy secretary-general I Matthew Chen told a press conference here yesterday that the party also wanted the government to recognise more renowned universities in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

“Recognising the UEC as well as more universities abroad would augur well for the development of the country.

“Malaysia is currently in transformation mode, and this requires more talents to serve the country. We hope the government can go beyond its decision to recognise the 146 universities by recognising the UEC and other universities in Hong Kong and Taiwan.”

Chen pointed out that it was ironic for the government not to fully recognise UEC because the certificate was widely accepted in many parts of the world.

“Many graduates of Chinese secondary schools chose to study abroad because they are unable to get into local public universities. Many of them later remain overseas instead of coming back to serve the country. “Such lost in talents should not be allowed anymore. The government should not ignore the fact that many graduates of Chinese secondary schools are playing a great role in nation building.”

Also present at the news conference were SUPP Youth chief Tan Kai and Wanita chief Tnay Li Ping.