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State Sarawak

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Limpaki wetland is an estuarine wetland where the Limpaki river meets the sea and creating a mangrove swamp. Limpaki wetland is a mangrove forest inhabited with mammals (proboscis monkey), snake(cat snake), reptile (crocodile), amphibian, birds (owl), and insects (firefly). Its river is also teaming with fish, prawn, crab and clam. It also has many species of mangrove plants.

One of the best ways to absorb and enjoy the Limpaki mangrove forest is through canoe by paddling the double ended paddles. Unlike cruising by motor-boat, paddling does not make trotting noise to scare away the wildlife and also it is a good way to work out and close to nature.

Beside wildlife watching in Limpaki, visitor can also experience other tour activities such as visits to longhouse, fishing, crab catching and so much more.

Located close to Kampung Limpaki and about 15 km away from Limbang town for one need to travel by land before proceed on the canoe trip.  

River cruising activities runs daily which takes from a half day to a whole day trip.

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